Women-Safe Network

Women-Safe Network

Danger Awareness and Self Defense

Thursday, December 13, 2018
The Women-Safe Network is dedicated to the education and safety of women... Welcome!                                                                                                                                                      Learn real life self-defense techniques to protect yourself from danger!

Becoming an Agent

Start a Career as a Women-Safe Network Security Professional
This training program features 5 separate education modules, which are to be completed consecutively and in order. Upon completion of each module, trainees take a short exam, which is included with each module. Upon passing the exam, trainees become Agents and are then certified to teach the module to others. Additionally, the Agent's name will be entered into our "Certified Members" section of the Women Safe Network as the person to contact in your area for consulting and seminars.

These modules go far beyond what is taught in Martial Arts schools. Whether you're a non-trained individual looking to get into one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, or a Martial Arts Instructor looking to provide a whole new level of training for your female students while increasing your income, this program is for you! Benefits include:
  A comprehesive scenario DVD corresponding with that month's module.
  An instructional self-defense and protective countermeasure DVD corresponding with that month's module.
  A certificate of completion for each module successfully completed.
  Listing in the National Security Alliance Database as a Certified Agent.
  Extremely affordable - only $49.95 per module (A 5-module program featuring 5 levels of certification). You may stop the program at any time.

To order the first module of the program or for more information please call: 1-888-750-SAFE (7233). You may also order the first module online by clicking the payment button below.
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